10 Tasks Redditors Prefer to Do the Old-Fashioned Way (Despite Available Technology)

With Black Friday firmly in the rearview mirror, most consumers are scrambling to get cheap gadgets. But without these inexpensive technologies, it can be difficult to prepare gifts this holiday season. After all, when prices go up, it can be hard to find something that won’t break the bank.

Fortunately, there are still ways to survive without the technology that the world has become accustomed to. Some things are still good even without taking advantage of available hardware, and there are still tasks that are better done the old-fashioned way.

Play board games

Board games are an important part of many holiday events, but games are increasingly being adapted to screens everywhere. It can be applications on phones, video games on consoles and even professionals who now play chess via computers. Still, there are advantages to putting together a board and a few cards.

“Most app versions of the games I like aren’t that good,” says Reddit user Junkolm. “Besides, it’s more fun to play with someone. Without errors or connection problems, it can be easier to interact with people and the best board games can flow more smoothly. The traditional game also allows for internal rules. Of course, digital board games won’t drop coins, which can always be a problem.

Photo storage

It’s easy to take pictures via the phone and save them there, and it certainly helps to ensure that people don’t have to lug around giant photo books. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes it. “I print photos and keep them in photo albums,” says Reddit user SuvenPan. “I like to keep life’s special moments in book form and review them page by page. »

Considering a phone can have problems and delete photos forever, it’s also nice to be able to keep a physical backup. If the internet ever goes down, these precious memories will still be there. Plus, hanging pictures on a wall is another great, non-tech way to enjoy happy memories.


Learning to draw can be quite difficult, but learning to draw on a tablet or computer can be a completely different process. “I’ve never really understood digital art,” says Redditor WitheredFlowers. “It’s much easier and more satisfying for me to have all those touch inputs for my work. »

Learning to deal with system crashes or remembering to backup just adds another layer of tedium to a difficult hobby. Physical art also allows artists to work without worrying about their tablets dying, which can be a hassle. Yet digital art also allows artists to keep their art in the cloud. If water is spilled on their paint, it can still be safe online.


Although not everyone knows how to sew, it can be a lot of fun for those who do. Compared to sewing machines, “hand sewing is peaceful, quiet, portable, and generally more satisfying,” says Redditor carinavet. “Plus, I get to brag about the finished product better.”

It can also be easier to sew without having to worry about pulling out a machine every time something needs to be sewn. There’s nothing wrong with cultivating and honing your skills, which is why learning to sew without the help of technology can be so great. Still, it’s also worth noting that technology certainly makes things faster and it can be a much more professional job.

Buy music

Today, music fans tend to run to Spotify or Apple Music before even thinking about how music came to be in CD or vinyl form. Music streaming allows for easier storage, faster retrieval, and it’s significantly easier to create playlists. Yet there can still be something gratifying about holding a CD and knowing that the music cannot be removed.

“I prefer physical media and just convert them to digital. I hate streaming music,” says Redditor jbnagis. “I don’t trust that the things I like are always available. I like to own what I listen to. Even putting the added security aside, it’s nice to support musicians without having to see weird and scary music videos.

Taking notes

For students, office workers and anyone visiting a grocery store, it can be easy to jot something down on a laptop or phone instead of whipping out a pad and pen. But while it can be cumbersome to carry pens around, there are many benefits to taking physical notes.

“Writing things down on paper is easier to remember than writing them down on a computer,” says Reddit user Jealous_Hospital. It can also provide backups if a phone crashes or data is lost. Still, it’s nice to have notes on a computer where things can be highlighted or deleted without messy crossed out words or worrying about a pen running out of ink.

do math

The math is not easy. Understanding all the equations can be difficult enough without adding all the strange symbols that the calculation requires to be used. There is a reason why so many mathematicians prefer to do math with ink rather than a mouse. “It takes forever,” says Reddit user Sirupwaffel. “On paper it’s just a scribble, a calculator, an answer. »

While many apps and websites can help with math, few will recommend that students try to solve their equations via their computer. It just makes the overall process more difficult as it can take twice as long just to find the right keys. However, computers make this a faster process when complex equations may require more calculations.

Writing letters

In the past, people could only communicate across large areas by writing a letter and dropping it off at the post office. Now phone calls, e-mails and text messages have replaced letters. The only things people get in the mail are bills and packages. Even so, some people still like to seal envelopes and mail them.

“I love writing letters, it has become a hobby in itself. I have a quill and ink to write and I seal all my letters with a wax stamp,” says Reddit user Eeveelover14. “The process calms me down, especially if I use it instead of a journal. It can also be rewarding for the recipient, who realizes the time and effort it takes to message them. However, it should be noted that e-mails allow for much faster communication and do not involve paying for envelopes or stamps.

Organizing calendars

Physical calendars may be dated, but some people still love them. After all, it’s much more useful to have a physical reminder hanging on the wall than an in-app reminder that can easily be closed with the swipe of a finger. It is not so easy to ignore an ominous suspended calendar.

Of course, the best calendar apps can still come in handy. “I love looking at the whole month and just being able to ‘type’ without having to use the keyboard from my iPad or iPhone. We use Google Calendar for family matters so we’re all on the same page for activities,” says Reddit. CrossroadsTarot user. Both can be useful for different purposes and still have their merits, especially since Google Calendar allows for so much more organization. It can even be found in multiple locations because it’s on the cloud, so family members don’t have to run to the fridge.

food picking

Today, technology allows consumers to have their groceries delivered directly to their homes. In many cases, the owners don’t even have to say hello to whoever delivers their food. It’s faster and much more efficient for working families. But other people do everything they can to return to their roots by collecting their own belongings.

“I try to raise, grow, hunt and gather my own food as much as possible. It’s expensive and time-consuming, but the payoff for my mental health is priceless,” says Reddit user ElJamoNator. It can be relaxing, and it’s also something that helps ensure people can have confidence in their own abilities, which can be a huge boost to self-esteem. Plus, it really encourages connection with nature.

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