20 unlikely allergies that actually exist

We all know people around us allergic to certain things. These are often certain foods, orallergies fairly widespread (cat hair, dust, pollen, etc.). But there are also allergies less known, much rarer and yet sometimes just as dangerous. We have selected 20 for you.

#1 nickel allergy

Have skin reactions (redness, itching) when touching coins or wearing jewelry? This is possible with nickel allergy, which would still affect 10% of the world’s population.

#2 reptile allergy

Affecting especially children, allergy to certain reptiles such as iguanas can cause conjunctivitis, rhinitis, or even asthma.

#3 latex allergy

Dry and irritated skin, itching, latex allergy is a real wound and is particularly disabling for couples who want to protect themselves during their antics.

#4 the “bean bag” allergy

Alright, let’s cheat a bit. In reality, many poufs are not filled with synthetic material but with seeds, especially soybeans, which can cause allergies.

#5 allergy to vibrating objects

Called vibratory urticaria, this allergy can cause edema of a member is felt when in contact with a vibrating object, such as a jackhammer.

#6 shoe allergy

Present in large quantities in leather, dimethyl fumarate, an anti-mould, can regularly cause burns, itching, or even red patches. Chrome salts used to tan leather or certain additives can also be harmful.

#7 kissing allergy

Called SAIB (for kissing-induced allergy syndrome), it is actually a collection of food allergens that can be transmitted by lip contact or saliva.

#8 allergy to chamomile tea

Known for its anti-allergenic properties, chamomile can cause breathing difficulties and dermatological reactions to people allergic to certain plants.

#9 exercise allergy

They are called “exercise-induced allergic reactions”: they are generally asthma or even anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that is triggered when the body produces certain antibodies, during or after exercise. It is therefore an allergy that is triggered when you consume certain specific foods before physical activity.

#10 cold allergy

In some people, the body temperature drops greatly when it comes into contact with air, water, food or cold objects. Cold urticaria can cause lesions on the skin or mucous membranes.

#11 sweat allergy

Sweat, when the body can no longer evacuate it, can cause inflammation resulting in irritation, itching and rashes.

#12 wine allergy (sulphites)

We generally speak of intolerance to sulphites, chemical components acting as preservatives and which are found in particular in wines, especially white and rosé. The symptoms are varied: redness of the face and neck, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, stomach pain…

#13 water allergy

Suffice to say that hydroallergy (or aquagenic urticaria) is somewhat disabling. Burning, itching or stinging can be felt by people allergic to water, who have a hard time washing like everyone else. The problem would generally come from the minerals and micro-organisms contained in the water, and not from its molecules themselves.

#14 allergy to touch

Contact dermatitis is a local inflammation of the skin caused by contact with allergens (more than 3,000) likely to be found anywhere in our environment. An allergy necessarily very disabling in everyday life.

#15 heat allergy

Heat can cause more or less severe skin rashes, also favored by sweat and the friction of clothing against the skin. Hives and eczema are the most common symptoms.

#16 sun allergy

Although it is rather called photosensitivity, it is an immune system reaction triggered by sunlight. Again, this results in itching, redness and inflammation. This photosensitivity is often hereditary and there is unfortunately not much that can be done about it.

#17 sperm allergy

A pesky new allergy for the legs in the air. Eczema, edema, redness and itching… The symptoms are numerous and can be very painful for people allergic to seminal fluid and the sperm it contains.

#18 Herpes gestationis

Lherpes gestationis (or pregnancy pemphigoid) is an autoimmune disease that occurs late in a woman’s pregnancy. These are itchy papular eruptions, that is, caused by local edemas, which, fortunately, usually do not affect the fetus.

#19 allergy to hair dyes

Patches of eczema and itching extending over the scalp or even beyond, this is what an allergy to hair dyes can cause. The strangest thing is that this allergy can occur after months or years of good tolerance to the products used.

#20 fish odor allergy

We are not talking about a fish allergy, but about an allergy to the SMELL of fish. Rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, hives, nausea, vomiting, the symptoms are varied and can even lead to the death of those affected. This would be due to the presence of certain allergens which would trigger asthma in the victims.

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