2023 and already a special day for Bitcoin and cryptos

News JVTech 2023 and already a special day for Bitcoin and cryptos

Although Bitcoin has just entered a new year, it still bears the stamp of 2022 with a price of €15,000. Nevertheless, to console itself with this January 3rd, the ecosystem is celebrating an important day for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin crosses 2023

Although the price has divided by more than 3 since its peak in November 2021 (€56,000), Bitcoin is still not dead as some would like. This has therefore crossed a new year at a record price against all expectations…

Despite the unsettled climate conveyed by recent events in the crypto sector, it is important to remember that Bitcoin actually passed its third best on January 1st.

  • 2010 – €0.2
  • 2011 – €3.65
  • 2012 – €12.25
  • 2013 – €690
  • 2014 – €543
  • 2015 – €265
  • 2016 – €400
  • 2017 – €948
  • 2018 – €11923
  • 2019 – €3363
  • 2020 – €6417
  • 2021 – €24,205
  • 2022 – €42,270
  • 2023 – €15,560

As its data shows, over the years bitcoin has become more and more popular and has attracted a lot of interest from investors and consumers. So, even though bitcoin has been through a lot of unfortunate events during 2022, it seems to be holding an overall trend and reminiscent of the year 2019.

Bitcoin is celebrating an important date

Also, this January 3rd is a very special date for Bitcoin and the entire crypto industry… The first cryptocurrency celebrates its 14th anniversary today. In fact, 14 years ago today, Bitcoin was launched for the very first time by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

This launch was marked by the mining of the first block of bitcoin, called the “genesis block” (genesis block) by Satoshi Nakamoto, on January 3, 2009. This contained the first transactions of the Bitcoin network and was therefore validated in the first bitcoin network test. This famous block mined on a small server in Helsinki, Finland, allowed Satoshi to test the network’s reward system at a time when mining required fewer resources. For this, Satoshi had received 50 BTC, the reward of time. Divided by 2 since the beginning, the reward for a mined block today is 6.25 Bitcoins.

Thus, during these full-scale test phases, it is estimated that the creator of bitcoin has managed to extract about 1 million Bitcoins stored in several wallets, of which he will have spent only 10 so far. Since the first start, the bitcoin blockchain has continued to expand over time. New blocks are added regularly by “miners”, professionals and individuals who use their machines’ computing power to solve complex mathematical equations for the network.

With more and more users, the Bitcoin craze gave life to many crypto projects over the next 14 years, creating a real ecosystem. It remains to be seen if 2023 will be more productive for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general to hope for a better 15th anniversary, January 3, 2024.

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