3 new shortcuts to search your tabs, bookmarks and history

Google unveils new shortcuts to improve your desktop productivity.

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You can create your own Chrome shortcuts. ©Google

Google is updating the Chrome address bar

Google has just announced a new update for its Chrome web browser. The goal: to facilitate research in your tabs, your favorites or your history.

Specifically, Google provides 3 shortcuts, available on the desktop:

  • @fanblad: this code allows you to easily find a lost page in your (too) many open tabs. Start typing this shortcut in your address bar and then click Search tabs. Then type in a word that matches your page and Google will suggest it for you (see GIF below).
  • @favorites: easily find a page saved in your favorites from the search field. The procedure is the same: type “@favorites” and then select Search for favorites. Enter a keyword and click on the corresponding link.
  • @history: this shortcut allows you to easily find a previously viewed page. The procedure remains the same: write “@story” and click Search Historyto find the page in question.
The procedure to easily find a tab from the Chrome address bar © Google

How do you create your own Chrome desktop shortcuts?

Chrome also lets you create your own shortcuts in the address bar. Before that :

  1. Go to Chrome and click on the three horizontal dots at the top right of the screen,
  2. click on Settingsthereafter Search engine (in the menu on the left),
  3. choose Manage search engines and website search,
  4. In the “Search the Site” tab, click To add.

Then 3 fields must be filled in:

  • Search Engine : give a name to your search engine (in this example: BDM)
  • Shortcut: specify the text shortcut to type in the address bar to start the search (here: @bdm)
  • URL with %si instead of query: enter the URL of the search results page for that website and add “%s” to the end (here: https://www.blogdumoderator.com/?s=%s)
An example of a custom shortcut. © CaptureBDM

Finally, click on To register, to see your custom shortcut appear. To use your shortcut, nothing could be simpler, type “@nomdevotreraccourci” and enter your search.

All you have to do is write your query to find the search results directly on BDM. Practice ! © CaptureBDM

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