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Google recently updated its snippets help documentation to better explain how to write a good meta description. Discover in this article how to improve your meta description and get more qualified traffic to your site.

Google provides its users with a wealth of material on how to best optimize your website to rank well in search results. This time, Google gave users examples of good and bad meta descriptions and highlighted the importance of the latter:

“High quality descriptions can show up in Google search results and can go a long way to improving the quality and quantity of your search traffic. – Google Search Central Documentation »

Therefore, if you want to attract quality traffic, you should spend a few minutes creating a descriptive meta description that will entice users to visit your website.

Moreover, if you are used to running Google Ads campaigns, you know very well that the description of your text ads is of paramount importance to optimize the return on investment and qualified clicks. Well, for an organic meta description, the process should be the same.

How to write a good meta description?

Don’t stuff keywords

Placing a list of keywords in place of a proper meta description is a recipe for disaster. A meta description is not a Google ranking factor, its purpose is to help users understand what they can expect from a given website. And a list of keywords explains nothing at all.

News items deserve separate descriptions

Don’t use the same meta description for all your posts. Make the effort to prepare a new one for each article, so your visitors know what to expect from your latest article.

Summarize the content of the page

Putting a random phrase on your page isn’t the best way to tell users what to expect. Be more descriptive. Explain what exactly they will find on that particular page.

Users can choose from thousands of pages. Why would they choose yours? Because they know, thanks to a well-structured meta description, that this is what they were looking for and that your page will contain answers to their questions.

As Google says:

“A meta description tag generally informs and engages users with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about. They are like a pitch that convinces the user that the page is exactly what they are looking for. – Google Search Central Documentation »

Don’t make it too short

Your meta description should be specific and detailed. You won’t get there if you make it too short and generic. There is no rule as to the length of a meta descriptionbut if you want it to have the biggest impact, make sure it’s fully displayed.

Generally, it is advisable to be around 200 characters for its meta description.

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