5 secret hangover cures

Headaches, nausea, fatigue, body aches… After a festive and drunken evening, the following days are often complicated! Symptoms not unfamiliar to you? To ease the hangover and help you get back in shape, the editors have found some Tips. Of detox and natural tips to help you digest and cleanse your body. After testing these hangover remedies for sure, you will be back on your feet in no time.

Secret #1: Rehydrate!

It is well known that consuming alcohol dehydrates the body. By causing excessive water excretion, it causes headaches, back or neck pain or even fatigue. To limit them, nothing could be simpler: hydration ! It is important to drink water before, during and after the evening. The day after, favor the consumption of clean wateror even herbal tea. Peppermint to reduce headaches, nettle to remove toxins, sage to aid digestion… Plants will be your best allies!

Also bet on vegetable broth. Moisturizing and rich in mineral salts, they will be real allies to regain your mood. Feel free to add some turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that will help your liver filter out alcohol. Combined with black pepper, the curcumin it contains will be even better assimilated by your body for a tenfold effect. After this detox brothyour body will thank you!

Secret #2: Load up on good sugars to avoid hypoglycemia

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With excess alcohol, the sugar level in the blood drops: you then need fast sugars. To avoid hypoglycemia, a Juice or fresh fruit will do you good. Prefer those that are rich in water, such as grapes or watermelonor filled with potassium, such as banana or kiwi. Another simple and effective option: a good bowl of Honey. Rich in fructose, honey will help you regain energy. Hangover remedies to gently get out of your lethargic state…

Secret #3: Recharge your batteries with protein

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When we wake up from a drunken night, we are often hungry…because alcohol whets our appetite! Instead of going for junk food, focus on proteins: fish, meat… They are also rich in protein, egg help break down acetaldehyde, a toxin found in alcohol. Boiled, fried, Benedict or distorted : they are both easy to prepare and cheap. Write them down on your grocery list to keep in the fridge for the aftermath of a rough night!

Secret #4: Boost your body and help it digest

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Charge your meters at B vitamins through foods such as green vegetables, eggs, legumes, whole grains or even fish and meat. Fatigue and nausea? To make up for your deficit in potassium At the origin of these evils, then favor kiwi, bananas or even spinach. Finally, you have to choose gingerwhich will boost your digestive enzymes and soothe your intestinal flora, or the cinnamon, ideal in case of nausea. For better digestion fennel and black radish will also be good remedies for hangovers, e.g. in salads or soups.

Secret #5: Avoid certain drinks and foods

food to avoid a drunken night

Although it is tempting, omit coffee and tea the aftermath of drunken nights. Caffeine and theine will actually exacerbate your dehydration, which won’t help your problem! On the juice side, if finding vitamins is a good idea, however, avoid strongly acidic drinks such as orange juice. The latter will be too difficult for your weakened stomach to digest. Finally, although we often want a good burger or a well-stocked pizza after seeing alcohol, fatty foods must also be avoided. The saturated fats they contain would actually add to the alcohol your body already has to get rid of. Which might not please him… Fat and sour, dairy products must also be limited.

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