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Google has just revealed 6 trends in digital marketing that will mark the year 2023.

Trend #1: Values ​​and engagement at the heart of advertising

Google has observed that issues of sustainable development are at the core of consumer concerns. They therefore expect to be able to make more responsible choices in the offers on offer. They also expect brands to materialize their commitment through concrete actions. Google therefore advises companies not to succumb to “purpose washing” and to prove the authenticity of their approach.

Trend #2: Privacy and peace of mind

Privacy protection will be as important as ever in 2023 and will be part of consumer expectations. Google says that when brands respect people’s privacy choices, their ads perform better. According to a study conducted by the digital giant, poor data management is as damaging as data theft and would be enough to push 43% of respondents to choose another brand.

Trend #3: Gen Z is taking over

As the first generation to grow up entirely with the Internet, the behavior of Generation Z (ages 18-25) online continues to evolve. To adapt to this generation’s expectations, platforms must combine dynamism and visual aesthetics, according to Google. “Instead of trying at all costs to bring Generation Z into your brand universe, see how you can find a place in theirs”explains the brand.

Trend No. 4: A shopping experience reinvented thanks to augmented reality

According to Google, brands need to be innovative in-store to encourage physical traffic in addition to online purchases, although the latter has increased significantly since the beginning of the health crisis. According to Snapchat, more than a third of Gen Zers are expected to make purchases through augmented reality by 2025. This technology can be great for creating immersive experiences on smartphones.

Trend #5: Short video formats

The digital giant notes that many creators are innovating with shorter and more accessible content. But brands don’t have to completely reinvent themselves to adapt to this new format. The key is to immerse the viewer directly in the action.

Trend #6: The rise of super apps

If they are more and more widespread in Asia and in the fintech market in Africa, super applications, which make it possible to do a large number of things, are only slightly exploited in the rest of the world, Google observes. The digital giant clarifies that not all applications have to become Swiss army knives. But brands can take inspiration from the streamlined journey with these great apps that take up less storage space on the device than multiple separate apps.

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