615 bitcoins in October – This BTC mining giant does not know the crypto winter

the bear market is not a sign of depression for everyone. Marathon continues its rise and takes distance on many other miners.

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A show of strength and an iron will

MARA, Marathon Digital Holdings has just broken its record for the number of bitcoins mined in a month.
And yet, it was not won in advance. One of its main hosting partners, the company Compute North closed down in September.
If we add to that the fact that Marathon experienced major setbacks in June following a storm that brought down most of its mining capacitythe company can congratulate itself on having been able to bounce back effectively.

Indeed, MARA announces that it has increased its total hashrate by more than 84%with 32,000 machines which mine bitcoin 24 hours a day. With a total computing power of 7 PE/s (Exahashes per second), the company ranks in the top 5 of the biggest miners in the world.

But Marathon does not want to stop there! Not all of his machines are live yet, and a big chunk of extra hashrate should be coming to the second quarter 2023 to complete his position.

This comeback shows that with motivation (and means of course), anything is possible.
The 615 bitcoins mined in the month of October alone correspond, to within one bitcoin, to the 616 bitcoins mined throughout the third quarter of 2022.

The miner war is far from over. And despite the fact that the number of bitcoins remaining to be mined is decreasing day by day, and the market is far from rosy, mining companies still strongly believe in the potential of cryptocurrency to Satoshi Nakamoto.

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