820,000 people do not know they are affected in France

The World Diabetes Day survey aimed to highlight the key role of awareness.

Yesterday, November 14, was World Diabetes Day. In this context, a survey was conducted by OpinionWay on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies Roche.

The aims of this survey were to assess the level of perception and knowledge of both type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, but also to promote awareness of this disease which concerns no less than 4 million French people. Finally, it is about improving the management of diabetes.

Diabetes: The results of the survey

Thus, it appears that the understanding of moderate diabetes is average (score of 5.4/10). In detail, just over 3 out of 4 respondents (77%) say they know of the existence of two types of diabetes, when only 44% think they can distinguish them.

On the other hand, the main risk factors are fairly well known, such as overweight, an unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and hereditary character. However, other markers of the disease remain unknown, such as arterial hypertension and chronic smoking.

820,000 people in ignorance

On the side of health professionals, it is felt that better awareness is essential. They identify major obstacles to screening:

  • the feeling of not needing it (in 78% of general practitioners, 64% of pharmacists);
  • fear of diagnosis (55% and 44%);
  • lack of knowledge about diabetes according to pharmacists (49%).

Figures that contradict another rate, that showing that the French are quite ready to be screened if they are offered it (91%).

Unawareness of pre-diabetes

As for pre-diabetes, its knowledge by the people questioned only obtains a score of 3/10. And yet this phase is reversible when a better lifestyle is adopted.

Roche Diabetes Care France is launching “My Diabetes Test” for this purpose, based on a short online questionnaire which aims to assess the risk of developing the disease in the next 10 years. With the result, people can visit a pharmacist to possibly perform a blood sugar test.

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