A 13-year-old Brit campaigned with Google and Facebook to get more emojis

Lowri Moore, a 13-year-old British schoolgirl, has been campaigning for several years to obtain more emojis with glasses and sent a letter, in this regard, to the headquarters of Google and Meta, Wednesday November 2, 2022. In question, the lack of ” representation “ of people with glasses in these small yellow pictograms, used in our electronic conversations.

The girl has been campaigning on social networks for several years through the hashtag “#GlassOn” Where “glasses on the nose” in French. A campaign that has had some success since Lowri Moore can already boast of having inspired the American giant Disney for his film “Encanta” whose heroine wears glasses. Its director, Jared Bush, admitted to having been inspired by a letter sent by the British schoolgirl.

A letter sent to Google and Meta

From now on, it is two American giants who are in its viewfinder. Indeed, the schoolgirl recently wrote to the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization based in California, to create an option to add glasses to existing emojis. The only current emoji available for children can be “harmful for them because it contributes to the dissemination of a negative stereotype which is very difficult to destroy”she wrote, in this letter, of which she sent a copy to the London headquarters of Google and Meta on Wednesday, November 2, according to AFP.

The girl’s fight for emojis came to her when her mother tried to find an emoji representing her daughter. “She looked at those who might have represented me, but she only found a picture of ‘nerd’. As she continued to search, she came across a grandmother and a teacher, which obviously didn’t represent me at all.”recalls Lowri. “It doesn’t look very positive so we’re just asking for an option to add glasses to existing emojis”she explains to AFP, a copy of the letter in support.


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