A 77-year-old Stoumontois loses more than €40,000 thinking of investing in cryptocurrency

By investing in cryptocurrency, this virtual money, we often hope to earn it. Unfortunately for a 77-year-old Stoumontois, the exact opposite happened. The one who thought he was doing good business between the end of April and the end of August finally lost more than 40,000 euros!

It all starts at the end of April. The Stoumontois is put in contact by telephone with a certain Madame Garnier before being recontacted by email. He is then asked to carry out operations with his Digipass to validate the procedures.

“He saw that money was being withdrawn from his bank account, but he was given confidence with the help of documents that promised good returns,” explains the police zone.

His account would then have been blocked. “We told him that he was going to be reimbursed but that for that, he had to go through another company, still in the management of cryptocurrency. But to unblock his account, he had to pay money, ”deplores the police. This new transaction took place with a certain Madame Dupond this time.

Intrigued by all this, the Stoumontois finally decided to contact one of his financial advisor friends. “He told her to stop.”

Between the end of April and the end of August, the man lost several tens of thousands of euros, more than 40,000 in all. “He saw that he was losing money but he had documents proving that he was going to win some so he did not worry at first”, concludes the zone.

The Stoumontois finally filed a complaint on Monday. Once again, the Stavelot-Malmedy police zone would like to warn its citizens: you should never communicate your bank details by email or telephone!


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