a cardiologist lists 5 foods to avoid to take care of your heart

Cardiovascular diseases are the “first cause of death in the world”, explains the World Health Organization (WHO) on its website. However, it would be possible to prevent most of them by acting on “behavioral risk factors”.

Among them, we find a high consumption of nicotine, a lack of physical activity but also a poor diet. Indeed, consuming products that are too fatty, too salty or too sweet would have formidable consequences on our health. To reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, the WHO therefore recommends “reducing the salt intake in your diet” or “consuming fruits and vegetables”. But certain foods should also be avoided: this is what Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, cardiologist and founder of Step One Foods, explains in an interview with CNBC.

The specialist shared a list of five products to limit, as well as the alternatives she advises to take care of her heart. Here they are :

First, one should be careful not to eat too much bread, as this food contains a lot of sodium. High consumption could “raise blood pressure”, one of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Dr. Elizabeth Klodas therefore invites you to turn to slices of wholemeal bread, containing a maximum of seeds.

Be careful, margarine is not necessarily the alternative (…)

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