a career with a terrible taste of unfinished business!

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The final clap is now official for Karim Benzema with the French team. The Real Madrid striker has decided to retire from international football at the age of 35. Originally selected for the 2022 World Cup with the Blues – where he remained on the 26-man squad without going to Qatar – he was eventually dropped for this competition due to of an injury. A blow for Merengue, who far from the pitch achieved the status of vice-world champion 2022. A rather sad end to the pitch when we see that a difficult and twisted love story could have ended in a better way. 15 years earlier, the enthusiasm was there when the then young Olympique Lyonnais forward made his debut for the Blues. Entering the break against Austria in a friendly where he allowed Djibril Cissé to score, he scored after 7 minutes to give France a 1–0 win.

He slowly cleared a place in the tricolor group with especially a double against the Faroe Islands (6-0) in the qualification for EC 2008, and he participated in this competition. Two out of three games played, zero goals and a disappointing French side, Karim Benzema will not retain fond memories of his first international competition. To continue to grow in the group as in the club, he will go to Real Madrid. A move to grow but which will put a brake on his history with the Blues. He will just miss the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. Entangled in the “Zahia Affair” before the competition – in which he is released – he will be absent mainly due to his difficult acclimatization in Madrid. After suffering a fiasco with a players’ strike at Knysna, its training center during the competition, the Blues experienced the worst moment in their history, with Karim Benzema narrowly avoiding the drop.

Sporting difficulties, the extra-sporting in the second curtain

Playing on August 11, 2010, the first game of the Laurent Blanc era in a 2-1 defeat against Norway, he will slowly take his place at the top with 7 goals and 6 offers during the 18 matches that find place between the Coupe du World 2010 and the European Championship 2012. Interesting during this competition with two offers against Ukraine (2-0) during the only tricolor victory, he will nevertheless remain silent. A mixed feeling as his team’s competition. Change of coach again with Didier Deschamps, who decides to bet fully on him. Although he is successful at times in the game, Karim Benzema will experience major shortcomings in the finish with a streak of 15 games without scoring or 1222 minutes until a goal synonymous with delivery against Australia (6-0). Didier Deschamps remains confident in Karim Benzema and will get him fit for the 2014 World Cup.

Scorer in a historic play-off against Ukraine (0-2/3-0) in November 2013, he will deliver a promising World Cup in Brazil in the image of his selection. With 3 goals and 2 offers on the clock as well as a quarter-final against Germany (1-0 defeat), we can feel that France and Karim Benzema are taking off two years after a European Championship on home soil. On 8 October 2015, he also scored twice against Armenia (4-0) and unbeknownst to him, he had just played his last game with the Blues before suffering a lengthy retirement. Karim Benzema, implicated and convicted in a sex tape blackmail case with teammate Mathieu Valbuena, will be banned from the France squad. Missing Euro 2016 in France, where he will announce that he will not be in the game, the Ballon d’Or 2021 will stand out negatively before the competition by declaring that Didier Deschamps “gave in to pressure from a racist part of France “. The house of the French coach will be marked and the divorce will seem total between the two men from this moment.

A comeback, a title and then sadness…

The French team is doing fine without Karim Benzema with a European Championship final in 2016 and even a win at the World Cup in 2018. Without him, Karim Benzema is still selected to everyone’s surprise. After a few timid first steps, he will gain momentum during the competition with a double against Portugal (2-2) and another against Switzerland (3-3/4-5 on TAB). After all, France is eliminated in the round of 16. If the disappointment is present, a certain alchemy is created with Kylian Mbappé and will result in the League of Nations. France will dominate Belgium (3-2) and Spain (2-1) each time with a goal from Karim Benzema and will therefore win the competition.

One and only title in selection A for Karim Benzema, which will again have been decisive. With 10 goals and 2 offers in 16 meetings with the Blues since he returned from the selection and crowned with a golden ball at the club, it is a Karim Benzema at the top of his game who should present himself in Qatar during this Cup World Cup 2022 In the end, he was injured and lost to this competition, and experienced it from a distance, and he was never closer to winning this trophy than on his sofa. A stroke of fate for Karim Benzema, whose love affair with the Blues remains bitter and unfinished. Despite 37 goals and 20 offers in 97 games and status as a Real Madrid legend, Karim Benzema will have narrowly missed out on making his mark in Blues history.

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