A Charentais defrauded of cryptocurrency for more than 70,000 euros

It’s life savings gone up in smoke and my friend is bankrupt.

It is not so much the need for cash that drives this retiree to take an interest in the activities of Wallet secure. “In 2020, a friend told me about rather impressive returns on investments with rates approaching 10%he explains. Canvassing is very simple because all you have to do is call them, you sign the contract instantly and follow a schedule over the next few months. » He concedes it, at no time Jean-Pierre Chevrier is wary of the opacity of exchanges, bank details located in Spain, Germany, Portugal and the multiplication of exchanges and interlocutors with a certain Guillaume Godier, Marc Bonichon or Lucie Marceau. The judicial police of Val-de-Marne are categorical, these are false identities.

Spain, Germany, Portugal

The scam does not reveal itself immediately. The first three months of 2021, the interests fall and the finances of the future victim are doing well: 620 euros monthly come into his account. Jean-Pierre Chevrier is somewhat reassured, his vigilance lowers his guard. He even decides to invest a little more, just to grow his savings, which are sleeping at his bank. From a contract of 6,000 euros originally, he then injects an additional 43,000 euros, then 7,000 more. In total, he will invest more than 70,000 euros. In January 2022, the magic money tap suddenly closes.

The editorial staff advises you

On the phone, he was informed of the death of Guillaume Godier, now replaced by a David who evokes “a latency period to recover and follow the file” by Jean Pierre. Weeks pass and become months without the money resurfacing. New call from David: “The 71,500 euros you can sit on. » The phone number will never answer again.

Jean-Pierre Chevrier files a complaint in Jarnac, writes to the Angoulême prosecutor’s office. An investigation opens but he is not fooled: “I got tricked in the rules of the arthe confides. It’s the savings of a life that have gone up in smoke but I will manage to get out of it. For my friend who had advised me, it’s more complicated, she is bankrupt, stuck Bank of France. »

From now on, he is regularly summoned to Créteil to inform the chief of police David Massacrier of his situation, “in an attempt to advance the search for the scammers”. The latter did not respond to our requests, preferring to hang up following the mention of the name of Jean-Pierre Chevrier.

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