A first Moroccan and African congress in Rabat on the 5G ecosystem

The “5G Event Morocco” is the first major event organized in Morocco on 5G technology, which has become a catalyst for next-generation IoT services. Its objective is to bring together several companies with the main players in the vertical fields and the entire Moroccan and African Telecom ecosystem.

In this context, the very first Moroccan and African congress on the 5G ecosystem will be held on December 7 and 8 in Rabat with the participation of many stakeholders, both Moroccan and African and European.

During this event, participants will discuss the different economic, social and technical models of the 5G ecosystem and examine the prospects for its future. In this sense, the press release noted that “5G Event Morocco will provide a unique and exceptional platform of exchange for national and international participants, to discuss and analyze the technology of the future by invoking its economic, social and technical aspects; and offer valuable recommendations to transform today’s networks into tomorrow’s resources”.

Thus, the organizers explain that the objective of this transformation is threefold, namely to offer new services, to generate growth opportunities and to develop the activity of the participants with operators and companies. For two days, the congress will debate 5G through 5 main chapters, under the supervision of a scientific jury composed of the greatest Moroccan and international experts and specialists: 5G & 5GC Solutions and Business Models, 5G at the service of industry 4.0, automotive and healthcare industry, Cloud and Cloud Sovereignty, 5G and privacy and security aspects and V2X and IoT technology.

To this end, the initiators recall that the participants will be able to propose recommendations likely to strengthen the efficiency and competitiveness of the Moroccan economy, at the continental and global levels. That said, reflection will obviously be carried out taking into consideration the important role and impact of economic infrastructure in the development of societies and economies.

In the same vein, the press release finally recalls that 5G EVENT Morocco is organized by Beamtel Morocco, which stands out for its innovations in the technology sector, in particular 5G, the Internet of Things and information and communication technologies. communication.


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