a legal soap opera that has been going on for 10 years

It is a file that poisons the lives of the different majorities who have succeeded each other on the departmental council for more than ten years. The dispute with Connectic 39, named after this subsidiary of the Eiffage group chosen in 2007 to build broadband infrastructure in the Jura using Wimax technology, experienced a new twist on August 4 in the form of a judgment of the administrative court of Besançon.

The judge ordered the departmental council to pay the liquidator of the company based in Courlaoux the sum of 672,856 euros as part of the termination of the public service delegation pronounced in 2013. A significant amount but very far from the initial requirements of Connectic 39, which claimed up to 30 million euros during the ten years over which the procedure was spread.

The administrative court of Besançon has, it seems, considered that the faults were relatively shared in the failure of this collaboration: it certainly imposes on the departmental council to pay the invoice corresponding to the recovery of the network installed by Connectic 39 for 7.8 million euros but it also granted the departmental assembly various indemnities to the tune of 7.1 million euros. The remaining charge for the Department is therefore 672,856 euros, which is therefore not doing so badly since the existing infrastructure (450 km of telecommunications networks) has been reused as part of the new digital development project. supposed to be completed in 2025.

But the case is not over for as much since the judicial liquidator of Connectic 39 has already appealed the decision of the administrative court of Besançon before the administrative court of appeal of Nancy. An appeal which is not suspensive and which therefore obliges the Jura departmental council to pay the amount of the sentence decided in first instance.

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