A new Google search tool to travel green and save the planet!

It is common knowledge that the planet is in bad shape. Everyone knows it and everyone can try on their side to make an effort to be more respectful of the environment. It’s not always easy but there is behaviors to adopt to achieve this, such as reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible when we travel. To help us do this, Google has improved some of its search tools.

Google: after-sales service for CO2 emissions

A few months ago, Google added, on its “Travel” page, a search criterion for its “Flight” tool which is used to find plane tickets. You can thus click on the “Issue” tab and choose two options:

  • All flights regardless of CO2 emissions
  • Only low-emission flights

In both options, you will see the emission sum for each flight in a column and whether the one you can select is above or below average. This feature is available in 40 more countries since this month, including France. But this is not the only green initiative implemented by the American firm.
A new Google search tool to travel green and save the planet!

Green, great green!

When you book a hotel night on the Google tool, you can indeed now choose the “Eco-certified” option so that only eco-responsible establishments appear in the results. Finally, and even if this is currently only available in certain countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy or Spain, the search engine now offers to book train journeys. It has been announced that you will also soon be able to access the same tool, but for buses.

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