A small price for the Google Pixel 6a, one of the best Android smartphones

News good plan A small price for the Google Pixel 6a, one of the best Android smartphones

To enjoy the best possible experience on Android, it is not uncommon to have to take a look at Google. For many years, the smartphones designed by the American firm have been almost flawless, and this is necessarily the case with the famous Pixel 6a, the most accessible of the range. Today, Amazon is making it even cheaper!

Amazon certainly does not do things by halves with the Google-stamped smartphone. If it was sold at a base price of €459, the e-commerce giant is allowing itself to lower the price of the Pixel 6a by no less than 21%, making it available at €363.10! A price that we have never seen before on this Android phone. We can no doubt thank the release of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, which allow us to enjoy the previous generation, always performing well, at a lower cost.

Buy the Google Pixel 6a at 363.10€ on Amazon

The Google Pixel 6a: simply one of the best Android smartphones

In addition to being very often cited as a reference for Android smartphones, certainly a little less since the release of the new models, the Pixel 6a is also a king of accessibility. It’s not just cheap, it is also efficient and durable. Its battery promises to last 24 hours, or even more with energy saving features, and offers so-called “ultra fast” charging. Google’s smartphone also performs well on the photo side, one of the highlights of the entire Pixel range.

With its particular software processing, the Pixel 6a allows you to take very good quality photos, especially in the middle of the day when the light is with us. Ultra wide angle, HDR +, night vision and magic eraser, Google’s photo offer is complete and promises a quality result, as announced by almost all smartphone tests. Night photos are also included, with the “night vision” mode aroused. The software processing here makes it possible to capture very bright shots despite the lack of lighting.

On the pure software side, it should be noted that the Google Pixel 6a, like its entire range, enjoy a particularly refined version of Android. Apart from the usual Google applications (which can be uninstalled) such as YouTube or Google Photos to name a few, no unnecessary software will be installed on the smartphone. Another good news, Android updates arrive first on Pixels, allowing you to take advantage of the latest news quickly. In short, for 363.10€, the experience is largely profitable.

Buy the Google Pixel 6a at 363.10€ on Amazon

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