A Studio Display Pro with mini-LED technology to come? This is the rumor of the moment!

With its high-end screen called “Studio Display”, Apple has dazzled us. We find a magnificent 27-inch Retina 5K display, support for a billion colors, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, support for spatial audio and Dolby Atmos through a system of 6 high-fidelity speakers… In short, this screen represents excellence in its pure state. According to a recent rumor, an even more powerful and impressive Studio Display Pro could soon see the light of day!

new rumor

Specialist in all the indiscretions concerning the screens of Apple devices, the analyst Ross Young has just made an important revelation on his Twitter account. Indeed, from the information he was able to retrieve from Apple’s supply chain, a new studio display is in preparation.

For the moment, few features have leaked, but we already know that this future screen could carry the mini LEDa technology that offers better brightness, more pronounced colors and especially deeper blacks.
Apple took a long time to adopt mini-LED on its products, but today the company considers this technology to be completely mastered for screens of any size.

studio display

Other information released by Young includes a new name for the Apple screen highly appreciated by professionals. It would no longer be called “Studio Display”, but “StudioDisplayPro”a word that Apple adds to make it clear that this type of product is aimed primarily at professionals who have very specific requirements.

Last revelation, the Studio Display Pro would be the subject of an announcement and a launch during the first quarter of 2023, Apple is not aiming for an end-of-year holiday release as this type of product is not really intended for individuals. It should be remembered that the Studio Display is still sold at a price of 1749€ minimum.

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