A Tarnais tells how a stroke “saved his life”

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Stéphane Poirel suffered a stroke in 2016. After ten days of hospitalization, a long rehabilitation work in the clinic and two years of physiotherapy, this resident of Dourgne (Tarn) is considered a miracle. He recounts today in a book “A stroke saved my life” his overwhelming ordeal and his life after.

Stéphane Poirel 55 years old, director of corporate films and websites, has lived in Dourgne since 2016, the date of his stroke. Ten days of hospitalization, three months of functional rehabilitation in the clinic, two years of physiotherapy. How do you live with a stroke? How to rebuild after the accident? “Why not tell your story? “, asked his companion, when he was almost bedridden in this neurology department. Excellent suggestion, hence the writing of his story in a book called “A Stroke Saved My Life”.

A testimony told in four parts

“Let me tell you, with a hint of humour, because I need it, how I rose to the greatest challenge there is. It’s a shattering ordeal that plunges you into the unknown… However, after that you have to rebuild yourself. The best way to do this is to set goals and a strategy to achieve them. Cold analysis and will enable resilience: a state of mind that leads to climbing our own Everest for self-victory he told us.

This testimony is told in four parts: life under pressure that we inflict on ourselves, the accident itself and its treatment in hospital, reconstruction in the clinic, then in real life. This reconstruction extends over several years while the accident lasts a fraction of a second. A story that gives “fishing”, told with humor, and which is very easy to read. Already many feedback and testimonials from readers.

You can consult Stéphane’s website: renaissance-avc.fr
You can find his book “Renaissance-A stroke saved my life” on the “Lys Bleu Edition” website, and in the usual channels.

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