a week before, certain symptoms can warn

In some people, signs of a future stroke may appear days before. Symptoms to be aware of and not to take lightly.

Each year in France, an average of 150,000 people are victims of a stroke. Seizures that are often sudden and whose sequelae may be less significant if the patient is attended to quickly.

That is why it is important to know the warning signs to anticipate the crisis. Although these symptoms often appear just before the crisis, British researchers have discovered that they can sometimes be detected several days before.

A week before, the symptoms that warn

It was British researchers from the Cardiac Screen Clinic who looked at the symptoms that often appear a week before one blow. Studying cases of stroke patients, researchers found that 43% of stroke victims experienced at least one of the following symptoms:

  • headache
  • dizziness,
  • numbness or tingling in the limbs or face
  • mental confusion,
  • muscle weakness in arm or leg,
  • Visual field impairment.

Consult before the crisis

If you experience any of these symptoms, even mild ones, it is advisable to consult quickly to avoid a more serious crisis. These signs are often associated with what can be called a “mini-stroke”, a less serious crisis, but which is mostly a precursor to a more significant stroke.

Prevent 80% of strokes

Stroke specialists agree that 80% of strokes could be avoided or their consequences reduced if the patient or his companion detected the symptoms mentioned above.

Stroke is the 3rd cause of death and the 2nd cause of dementia in France. 25% of those affected are under the age of 65. A stroke occurs when blood flow is interrupted or malfunctions in the brain. There are two types of stroke: hemorrhagic stroke, which is caused by a rupture of a blood vessel, and ischemic stroke, which is caused by a blocked artery.

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