Academy of Medicine awards Charpak-Dubousset prize for research work on bone fracture prevention in robotic surgery using DSG technology

SpineGuard, an innovative company deploying its digital real-time surgical guidance (DSG(R)) technology to secure and simplify the placement of bone implants, announced today that two researchers, surgeon Elie Saghbiny and engineer Jimmy Da Silva, were honored for their cooperation. work carried out jointly by ISIR from Sorbonne University and the company SpineGuard.
This work focused on the use in robotic surgery of SpineGuard’s DSG technology to automatically detect potentially dangerous bone gaps and immediately stop drilling when approaching the spinal cord or other soft tissue. The robotic algorithms were fed bone conductivity data that could be recorded at Trousseau Hospital under the supervision of Professor Vialle.

Stéphane Bette, Vice-CEO and co-founder of SpineGuard, states: “This very high-level recognition is a source of great pride for the entire SpineGuard team and a new key step because it constitutes further validation by the scientific community of the relevance and potential of our technology applied to robot-assisted surgery. It therefore naturally supports SpineGuard in its strategic discussions with industry to integrate DSG into robot-assisted surgery platforms.”

Guillaume Morel, University Professor at Sorbonne University and Director of ISIR, adds: “After rewarding confirmed and already world-renowned peers, such as Mathias Fink and Jean-Michel Correas, Jocelyne Bloch and Grégoire Courtine or José Sahel and Serge Picaud, the Academy has decided in year to honor a team of two young researchers and innovators. This promising prize rewards multidisciplinary and translational research. For three years, Elie Saghbiny has been immersed part-time in our Robotics laboratory, immersing himself day after day in the approaches of our discipline and methods. Jimmy da Silva, for his part, spent hours and hours in Raphaël Vialle’s operating room at the Trousseau Hospital to analyze every gesture. This daily work, this dialogue at the interface between the disciplines, is paying off. today, and we are very happy, that SpineGuard, which is one of our strategic partners, shares with us and ôpital Trousseau this success.”

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