According to Science, Here’s How Many Times You Need to Ejaculate Per Month to Be Happier (And You’re Definitely Far Away)

“Where is the happiness? » wondered Christophe Mae in 2016, in its tube now listed in the heritage of French variety. Researchers may have finally found an answer to his question and might as well say that it is surprising. According to science, happiness would come from a simple little pleasure in life, namely orgasm. It is not so much the quality of it that counts, but rather its frequency, if we are to believe the results of a study published in the journal European Urology. After conducting extensive research with more than 30,000 men for no less than 18 years, the authors of this report have managed to get a small idea, of the ideal number of ejaculations you should have in a month in order to touch absolute bliss a little closer.

How many times should you cum per month to be happier?

Take out the handkerchiefs, since it would be necessary, according to their statements, ejaculate at least 21 times a month to be happier. This would therefore amount to affording a small squirt approximately five times a week, but the effort is definitely worth it. Enjoying regularly would be particularly beneficial for boosting morale and joie de vivre. This would effectively release endorphin, the pleasure hormone, but also at the same time evacuate toxins from the body, reduce stress, fight headaches or promote sleep. . Some experts even claim that the more you ejaculate, the more it helps to improve sperm quality by eliminating less active sperm.

And that’s not all ! A decreased risk of prostate cancer was also observed in men who had the highest ejaculation rate. To speak figures, this would reduce the risks by 33%. Not bad… That certainly makes you want to apply this rule.

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