Acwa Robotics, the French water lump caused a sensation at CES in Las Vegas

Aurelien Fleurot
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08:10, 7 January 2023

The French start-up, which was present at the French pavilion at the technology fair in Las Vegas, CES, won three innovation awards for its autonomous robot capable of inspecting water pipes. An unprecedented technology that could quickly become a solution to avoid waste.

It is the stand for the French pavilion, which is always full. The yellow and black caterpillar robot from newly started Acwa Robotics is a real eye-catcher. And for good reason: it is a gem of technology that wins several awards. “Our robot is a kind of 90-centimeter mechanical caterpillar consisting of three blocks. The way it moves is special: it unhooks its arms in front, it unfolds. It unhooks its arms in the back, it folds up and then it unfolds. Actually like a caterpillar. It moves by crawling inside the tube”, explains Élise Lengrand, research and development engineer at Acwa Robotics.

Detect leaks to avoid spills

It is equipped with sensors and cameras to detect corrosion and identify leaks. This is where its function lies, as it is crucial information for water network managers.

“It is extremely expensive today to renew the pipes. In fact, you have to know exactly where it becomes relevant to renew. Because today, on average, in the world, 30% of the drinking water is lost in the networks. between drinking water and the consumer”, explains the engineer.

Acwa Robotics will launch its first robots in less than a year on the Provence Channel after successful tests in Corsica. And of course, the French nugget does not lose sight of a potential launch in other countries, after this success at CES.

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