Adline, the software to manage and optimize your advertisements

Creating and managing advertising campaigns is never easy, especially when you have to oscillate between multiple platforms that are sometimes complex to understand. To simplify this process, Mikael Leckborn has developed Adline. It is a complete software to design, analyze and improve its Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

A tool with optimization algorithms

Adline is an all-in-one tool for managing and above all optimizing advertisements. To do this, you have to follow certain steps. The first is to integrate Adline’s pixel tracking into its website. It is this that will measure the effectiveness of the advertisements designed. Once that’s done, it’s time to create your first campaign!

Ads that aren’t performing well enough can be paused. Illustration: Adline.

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Adline allows you to manage your Facebook, Instagram & Google campaigns. Illustration: Adline.

First of all, you have to define your audience. This requires you to indicate several pieces of information about your target: the geographical location in which it is located, the language spoken, its age, its gender, etc. Providing this demographic data is essential to ensure that the advertisement reaches the right users. It is also necessary to specify the devices used, the budget allocated per day and the targeted keywords.

Ads can then be created. We choose the title, the text, the call-to-actions… The content can be published on Facebook, Instagram and Google. All ads are grouped from the main interface. This way, there is no need to juggle between different platforms. This saves valuable time.

You can duplicate ads and make quick changes to the creative or text to generate multiple variations and then test them.

Once the campaign is launched, you can follow the performance of each ad from the “Analytics” tab. The latter offers a complete view of the number of visitors or the bounce rate. All metrics are accessible at a glance. The click map is also very useful to know where users press when they come to our website after clicking on an advertisement. This helps to identify areas for improvement.

At the same time, Adline analyzes the impact of all advertisements. The tool discerns those that work well and boosts them to maximize our return on investment (ROI). On the other hand, those that do not perform enough are put on hold to avoid melting your budget like snow in the sun.

Adline is therefore armed with multiple features to generate maximum profit from its ads. To take advantage of it, you have to turn to the exclusive offer of the AppSumo marketplace. It gives the possibility of obtaining the software at a lower cost: 59 dollars for life instead of 5,376 dollars. Five users can use the tool and create ten click maps. Two other licenses are available for professionals who want more possibilities.

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