After a serious accident during a match in which a young person became a quadriplegic, school rugby stopped

On 14 December, during a school rugby match, Mathias, a 17-year-old player from Hautes-Pyrénées, did not recover from his tackle. Rushed to Toulouse University Hospital, this young player, who was also fired at the Bagnerais stadium, is now a quadriplegic.

This accident had the effect of an explosion in the middle of school rugby, leading to the cessation on 16 December of competitions organized within the framework of the National Union of School Sport. A practice that has still not resumed according to a spokesman for the UNSS.

On Wednesday, a meeting of a “mixed commission” took place in the presence of experts from the French Rugby Union to consider the follow-up and the conditions for a possible resumption in the future.

“Unintelligible” for the physical education teachers’ union

While awaiting his decision, the members of the National Union of Physical Education affiliated with FSU stepped in in late December in an open letter to the president. “If you suspend “for now”, the practice of rugby in all its forms within sports associations such as in UNSS meetings is incomprehensible. You thus cast doubt on the professional competence of physical education teachers and undermine the trust that institution managers, parents and students have in them, ” writes the trade union.

Its president, Benoît Hubert, states that, like what happens with amateurs or professionals, the security conditions in the schools are monitored and “security measures are strict”.

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