After cases of “rare” meningitis, call for vaccination

A sixth case of invasive meningococcal B infection of a “rare” strain has been reported to the Grand Est Regional Health Agency.

This has been reported by the Grand-Est Regional Health Agency (ARS). invasive meningococcal group B infections (IIMB) in young adults in the Strasbourg region.

Since mid-November, six cases have been detected (one of the cases concerned a person from Colmar in the neighboring Haut-Rhin), including one with a fatal outcome.

ARS urges vigilance

The health authorities point out that meningococci are bacteria capable of causing diseases such as meningitis or septicaemia. They are transmitted through the air or through saliva and are located in the throat and nose. The latest case concerns a 16-year-old boy living in Bas-Rhin who had to be hospitalized.

ARS adds it “The case with residence in Colmar has indirect links to the Strasbourg urban area through several people around him”.

Meningitis: a “rare” strain

In its press release from Monday, January 9, ARS specifies that the strain responsible for these cases is “rare and previously unknown in the Grand Est”.

However, the ARS specifies, “Epidemiological studies have made it possible to identify and treat people who have been in at-risk contact with this sixth case as a preventive measure with antibiotics.”.

Call for vaccination

Since the beginning of December, a vaccination campaign has been launched. And on January 5, 151 people had received a first dose against meningococcal B through the international vaccination center at the new civil hospital in Strasbourg.

ARS in Grand-Est and Public Health France are therefore again calling for vaccination; a message that is specifically addressed “to the public who frequent the nocturnal party places in the center of Strasbourg and to the professionals in these places”.

An appointment for this purpose can be booked through the Doctolib platform, at the international vaccination center of the civil hospital, at your attending physician or directly at a pharmacy. The vaccine is fully covered by health insurance.

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