After Protonmail, the Geneva firm Proton launches its alternative to Google Drive

Proton, the Geneva-based company known for its encrypted email service Protonmail, is publicly launching its Proton Drive cloud storage offering. The beta version of this solution had already been available for several years. To develop its alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox, the Plan-les-Ouates-based company won a grant of 2 million euros in 2019 as part of the European Horizon 2020 program. Presented as an encrypted cloud storage service from end to end, Proton Drive has received feedback from 450,000 beta testers.

“Through our use of end-to-end encryption, we are able to provide the privacy of offline storage and the convenience and reliability of cloud storage. With Proton Drive, our goal was not to create yet another encrypted file storage service, but to create a service that addresses the shortcomings of existing offerings and is worthy of your trust,” says Proton CEO Andy Yen, in a blog post. Proton Drive uses end-to-end encryption of files, filenames, folders, file extensions, file sizes and creation/modification times thereof. Cryptographic signatures are attached to all files and folders so they cannot be tampered with. “Unlike other encrypted cloud providers, Proton will never be able to decrypt your files or share them with third parties because all your data is end-to-end encrypted,” adds Any Yen.

For individuals, a free version of Proton Drive offers 1 GB of storage space. To have 500 GB, you have to pay a subscription of 11.99 fr. per month (discounts are applied for 12 or 24 month plans). The Proton for Business offer includes 500 GB per user.

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