Airbus invents an autonomous system capable of landing a plane on its own

Airbus unveils a system that can to land a passenger plane fully autonomous if the pilot is unable to do so or is simply busy. It was the group’s UpNext subsidiary, which specializes in future technologies, that presented this new technology in a video published on January 12, 2023.

Airbus presents DragonFly

Airbus is not only interested in eVTOL. The system in question was called the dragon fly. UpNext has been working on it for many years. On Thursday, the Airbus subsidiary announced that it had begun the past three months testing this technology, which it hopes “ automate the process of getting a plane from the air to the gate “. DragonFly is able to handle several operations in a fully automated way: diversions, landings and taxiing procedures.

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Using a combination of sensors, algorithms, computer vision and cutting-edge calculations, Airbus believes they have a system that could mark a major turning point in the aviation sector. The European giant presents the system as “ an extra level of security to gain control during emergency operations “. The company states that ” in the unlikely event that the crew is unable to control the aircraft, DragonFly can divert the flight to the nearest suitable airport and facilitate a safe landing “.

Ultimately, it is possible that such technologies will pave the way for automated landing or at least that they are capable of it compensate for a driver’s possible mistakes in emergency. In the video published by UpNext, we understand how DragonFly works. The system is able to detect the nearest airport for landing and calculates the best route to get there, taking into account the weather, restricted areas and many other factors.

According to DragonFly manager Isabelle Lacaze, “ in the same way dragonflies can recognize landmarks that help them define boundaries, our system is equipped with advanced detection technologies and software capable of handling in-flight operations and landings “. With this autonomous system, Airbus is talking about biomimicry. the dragon fly was designed and developed based on the possibilities of the goldsmith : The idea is to give the aircraft the opportunity to analyze its environment and maneuver in complete safety.

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