Algeria invests in drone technology

The world is undergoing technological upheaval at breakneck speed. New technologies have changed the situation whether in the civil or military sector. In the field of aviation, the birth of drones allows countless uses. Indeed, drones allow wide use and become a formidable weapon in modern warfare. The war in Ukraine is the best example of the effectiveness of these weapons in this kind of conflict.

To benefit from the contribution of these new tools, the Algerian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, intends to create a higher school of drone systems technology. This minister had a meeting at the headquarters of the ministry, accompanied by the members of the committee in charge of creating this school. This was indicated in a press release from the ministry published on November 3 on its Facebook page.

Thus, according to this press release, the meeting was devoted to the development of education and training programs in the field of drone systems technology, from the preparation of specifications, to the examination of means human and material, and all the resources necessary to launch this training school, from the next academic year. It will be a school that will have a special status. Its creation aims to keep pace with developments in the field of science and advanced technologies, as well as to keep pace with future professions in the digital age.

Algeria thus intends to enter the select club of countries that master this technology, which is proving to be very useful in our time. It should be remembered that Algeria has already started the production of drones. In 2018, the country conducted a trial of military drones it manufactured. The Algeria 54 and Algeria 55 drones were built by engineers, technicians and army executives.

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