An Android without Google (like /e/OS) is now legal in Europe

Friday, September 23, 2022

the European Union has just confirmed that manufacturers are now free to sell Android phones without Google in complete legality. A change that delights the Murena foundation which publishes /e/OS.

Europe’s highest court last week upheld a landmark ruling in the fight for competitive markets and user privacy.

European smartphone manufacturers will be able to work with other companies that develop derivative versions of Android without having to install Google apps by default (search, Play Store, YouTube, Chrome, etc.).

Little reminder :

“In July 2018, the European Union fined Google €4.8 billion for abusing its power in the smartphone market and ordered the company to change its practices. of this fine wasstop Google from forcing manufacturers to preinstall default Google apps in Android.”

Google then appealed the fine, but the EU General Court upheld the fine of 4.125 billion euros. Translation ?

Google is accused of forcing Android makers to “pre-install Google’s search and navigation apps on devices running the Android mobile operating system” and of imposing restrictions on mobile network operators to can offer the Google app store.

In its latest newsletter, the Murena Foundation is jubilant and believes that in combination with other regulations such as the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the European Union shows that “the GAFAMs cannot do what they want to the detriment of the rights of users and consumers“.

The editor of /e/OS says “enthusiasticabout this news and hope

that “these new rules will pave the way for more alternatives and innovations“.

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