An expert reveals that the banana is radioactive

The banana, this favorite yellow fruit of our ancestors, has a high level of radioactivity according to a scientist. But is it dangerous for health?

But not only her, other foods like orange, potatoes or spinach show a similar result. But how can our body support these radioactive elements that we consume on a daily basis? Isn’t exposure to radiation supposed to affect us? Sarah Loughran, the Director of Radiation Research and Consulting University of Wollogong gives us more explanation on this fact. According to him, the word ” radiation “ makes everyone shiver. However, there is a nuance between the artificial radiation like the nuclear radiation and the natural radiation.

Moreover, the level of radioactivity in bananas is harmless.

A fruit rich in potassium

Every day, we are exposed to natural radiation from, for example, the sun’s rays or natural rocks. Bananas facing the human body have the same effect as this type of radiation. They are less harmful to health.

Do you remember that famous periodic table What did we use in high school? the Potassium symbol above was the K. He is part of most abundant elements on our planet. This element is radioactive. However, Potassium is an essential component of bananas. It is estimated that in one kilogram of bananas there are 130 becquerels of Potassium 40.

Banana, a fruit rich in potassium

Note however that Potassium 40 in itself is not typically bad for your health. Besides its radioactive nature, it is also an essential element for the functioning of the human body. It facilitates, for example, the contraction of muscles and especially that of the heart. It is also important for the circulation of nerve impulses.

The banana: a dangerous fruit or not?

The nutritional benefits of bananas are known to all. Its fiber, mineral, vitamin and carbohydrate contributions are vital. What makes them valuable for every human being. Moreover, the level of radioactivity in bananas is harmless.

However, the following question tickles our attention: if we increase the dose of bananas, will its radioactive effect also increase? The answer is negative according to our expert. So have no fear, you can enjoy your banana smoothie with peace of mind. Indeed, our body evacuates the elements that seem useless to it. So, no matter how many bananas we eat, our body will remain intact.

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