Analyze soils in real time with Tellux technology

Site decontamination is a major environmental issue and, in this context, soil analysis is strategic. In order to optimize its efficiency, but also the costs related to this operation, Tellux has developed a revolutionary imaging technology. Explanation with Antonin VAN EXEM, its founder.

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A technology that is revolutionizing soil analysis

A researcher, Antonin VAN EXEM knows the soil analysis sector perfectly. Indeed, before founding Tellux, he himself carried out research on core samples from all over the world. But he very quickly identified a brake: all these analyzes take a lot of time. This is why, in order to remove this constraint, he invented a new technology: hyperspectral imaging coupled with artificial intelligence. Its goal: to offer an ultra-fast decision-making tool (in real time) to construction companies, in particular those in charge of site depollution. Indeed, thanks to it, the quality of the surveys is increased with easier management.

In addition, its solution not only identifies the presence or absence of pollutants, but in addition, it offers a complete diagnosis of the soil. Structure of these, distribution and nature of pollutants… everything is brought together to optimize time and therefore costs.

Scalable thanks to artificial intelligence, the Tellux solution develops new capabilities and could even lead to new services such as mining for example.

A solution completely inscribed in deeptech

The advantages of the Bpifrance Deeptech program are numerous. Indeed, Antonin VAN EXEM, member of the Les Deeptech community, found it a real accelerator for his project! “Thanks to Bpifrance programs, I was able to incubate my solution for 2 years before actually launching it. And all of these steps have refined not only the technology, but also the commercialization of it,” he specifies. Indeed, after the creation of the structure in 2019, then a fundraiser in 2021 with the French Tech Seed program, the adventure continues, because with deeptech, innovators like Antonin VAN EXEM benefit from a high value network. . Marketing, communication with the general public, representation at trade fairs… that’s the strength of a well-structured deeptech network.

This is also one of Antonin’s advice to all those who want to embark on the adventure. “It seems easy to say after the fact, but don’t hesitate to jump in. We have structures ready not only to welcome us and accompany us, but above all who believe in us. That’s how we can develop serenely and even make great encounters, like my partner who adds his business expertise, which is essential for the future. »

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