Ancelotti defuses the Asensio and Vinicius cases

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Not easy, always, to evolve in Real Madrid. Especially when the competition is fierce and the victories are linked. This was again the case this weekend with yet another success against Mallorca (4-1), while Ancelotti’s team was behind. Another constant, Marco Asensio never starts the matches and, this time, he even remained on the bench for the whole meeting, which provoked his anger, filmed by the television cameras.

In a press conference, the wise and experienced Carlo Ancelotti played down. “He got angry and I agree with him. He wants to play, that’s the most important thing. I take it into account, for us it’s very important. I understand his anger.” Another hot issue settled by the Real Madrid coach, Vinicius Junior’s spat against Aguirre.

“Vinicius has nothing to change in his attitude, he insisted. He respects all opponents and referees. We see that his game can annoy his rivals but you have to know that he will continue to dribble even when his team loses. He will learn with experience,” he concluded.

to summarize

It’s no secret that places are expensive at Real Madrid. And in particular to be in the starting lineup. Marco Ansensio, who has never played since the start of the season, is starting to find the time long. His trainer understood that.

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