And in the end, Bitcoin wins – FTX bankruptcy advances the Nakamoto cause

A bad for a good ? – While the empire FTX continues to crumble, with its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) who tried to flee to Dubaicertain dissonant voices come to recall the fundamentals of Bitcoin (BTC). This is the case of Michael Saylorfounder of MicroStrategy, who sees the FTX disaster as a chance to move the crypto sector ever more positively.

Michael Saylor still so confident for Bitcoin

With a fantastic mountain of 130,000 bitcoins acquired by MicroStrategyit is easy to see that its founder Michael Saylor strongly believes in Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.

During a recent interview given to the American channel CNBC, Michael Saylor came to bring his point of view on the tragic situation in which FTX took the cryptosphere. Like many, he already thinks that these stories of embezzlement will speed up regulation of the cryptocurrency asset class.

” (…) I think that [le cas FTX] will certainly strengthen the game of regulators. This will speed up their intervention. (…)”

Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy founder is more bullish on Bitcoin than ever

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Bitcoin will grow from this sad FTX affair

The executive chairman of MicroStrategy does not mince his words and particularly criticizes FTX for its native token, the FTTfor which the SBF platform has demonstrated too much opacity. An opacity that comes from elsewhere in opposition to the great bitcoin transparency.

“You have to have full transparency. That’s what Bitcoin offers, and that’s what FTT wasn’t [de FTX]. (…)”

Michael Saylor

This disaster and the regulation that will follow will have the advantage of finish purifying the cryptocurrency sector of dubious and/or too weak projects. The cryptos based on strong fundamentals, like its expensive Bitcoin, will come out great winnersaccording to Michael Saylor.

“The crypto sector will shrink. Bitcoin will be the winner because BTC is a digital commodity [digital commodity]and this is the least controversial of all [les actifs numériques]. (…) I think we will no longer see 20,000 tokens [différents]. We’ll see a handful, a few dozen. But they will be properly registered [auprès des régulateurs]. The sector will develop much faster. »

Michael Saylor

Even if the founder of MicroStrategy, in view of the large investments in Bitcoin of his company, must be bullish (bullish) on the king of cryptos, he is not necessarily wrong on the fund, especially on the side of theactivation of regulators financials of the planet. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has, for example, already started to put his nose in the FTX business. Let’s hope, like Saylor, that this coming regulatory tightening will guide and help the area, without suffocating it.

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