Android: Google is testing reactions to text messages from iPhone users

As we know, Apple does not intend to simplify the links between iMessages and RCS, this successor to SMS widely used on Android. Cupertino makes no effort to support the system despite numerous requests, which pushes the Mountain View company to do with the means at hand. She is working in particular on improving reactions (in the form of emojis) between the two platforms.

Reactions in Google Messages, here in a chat with an iPhone user. Image: Reddit.

Currently, it is not possible for an Android user to reply with a reaction (👍👎‼❤️) to a message sent from an iPhone. AndroidPolice reports today that there will be change there, as reactions are rolling out.

If an Android person “likes” an SMS from an iPhone, the iOS user will receive a message like ” added a “Like” to “Message” “. It’s not the most convenient, but it’s better than nothing. In the other direction, Google Messages can interpret feedback coming from iOS to convert the automated text message to emoji below the SMS, which helps prevent spam in group conversations.

Google is deploying this change on the server side, so you will have to be patient before the novelty is available. If you have an Android phone and want to give it a try, just see if you can react to messages from iPhone users in Google Messages.


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