Antoine Dupont (XV of France) after the victory against Australia: “We put ourselves under pressure”

Antoine Dupont, scrum half and captain of the XV of France: “Eleven consecutive wins? It’s important in our progress, it proves that what we do works. We must be proud but keep this appetite and this requirement. We didn’t win anything tonight (Saturday night) but we continue to progress. It makes you want to do more in the months that are coming. (On the match) We put ourselves under pressure, me first, with difficulty getting out of their pressure around the rucks.

Suddenly, we were cornered and we took points easily. It’s hard to get into the match, when you get in there you take this try against… They played a lot on foot, which is not usual for them, we had to adapt. We were also penalized a lot and therefore it was difficult to get out of our camp and their pressure. At 22-26, we are not in a good position but we knew we could still break them and have scoring situations like we had before in the match. We had to come back home, hold the ball better, be rigorous and disciplined and it worked, with of course this flash from Damian (Penaud). But it’s part of our game too, not to panic, to tighten up and want to win until the end.


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