Antony Gautier new director of arbitration, Stéphane Lannoy in charge of the professional sector

This solution is not to everyone’s taste. During the comex held in the late afternoon, on the eve of the federal assembly, Vincent Labrune, the president of the LFP, expressed his astonishment at this choice, considering that it would have been simpler to appoint Lannoy without the supervision of Gautier. He explained that Lannoy was not the candidate of the professionals, but that he ticked all the boxes to get the job because of his skills, the recognition of his peers and his proximity to Pierluigi Collina, the head of arbitration at FIFA. The vast majority of professional club presidents did not favor Gautier, who was seen as rigid, like Garibian, whom they helped land.

Antony Gautier swaps with Anthony Lopes during a Ligue 1 match. (F. Faugère / L’Équipe)

Lannoy was convinced of its autonomy

But the five members of Comex who had been responsible for interviewing the candidates for the position of DTA – Marc Keller, President of Strasbourg, Jean-Michel Aulas, President of the Olympic Committee, Eric Borghini, President of the Federal Arbitration Commission, Laura Georges, Secretary General of The FFF, and Pascal Parent, president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes League – chose Gautier, who, according to them, had made a better presentation. They repeated it Friday afternoon during sometimes tense exchanges with Labrune (Aulas was absent).

Initially, Lannoy did not want to be under Gautier’s responsibility. But he was received on Friday morning by Noël Le Graët, the president of the FFF, who made him this proposal. Then he seems to have been reassured about his autonomy. It remains to be seen whether this assembly, considered unnecessarily complicated by the professional world, will work. Because on the side of the League that pays the referees, we want a radical change of philosophy to have a more modern and above all more open arbitration.


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