ASICS teams up with STEPN to offer (real) running sneakers

ASICS has just announced a new initiative with STEPN, which will make it possible to associate its famous running sneakers with those – virtual – of the application. The brand also intends to multiply Web3 initiatives. Focus on this partnership.

ASICS releases limited edition sneakers with STEPN

The famous running brand ASICS continues to launch into Web3, and it expands its partnership with STEPN. It announced yesterday that a limited edition of its GT-2000 11s would be offered for sale. The physical shoes will be purchasable only in USDC stablecoin through Solana Pay. They are available in two styles: Light Mode and Dark Mode, for a limited time: from now until November 8.

Web3 obliges, the purchase of these running sneakers will be accompanied by a reward. Holders will receive a badge in the form of NFT, which will allow them to participate in an airdrop. The latter gives them a chance to receive the equivalent of these shoes in the form of NFTs usable in STEPN. The badge will also be used to participate in other future experiences offered by ASICS on the STEPN app.

The idea is to capitalize on the rise of Web3, according to Josh Fried, head of payments at Solana Labs:

“As first movers, ASICS is leading the industry by showing how customers and brands can partner around “tokengated” experiences that provide benefits to both parties. »

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Sneakers that become tangible

ASICS had previously offered virtual sneakers in partnership with STEPN. But the company has just taken a new step, by offering “real” sneakers, which may be worn by STEPN users. As ASICS Web3 Initiatives Manager Joe Pace explained to our colleagues at Decrypt, the brand wants to continue the experiment on Solana (SOL):

We want to build our program on a blockchain that can be scaled globally from the start. »

Ethereum will appreciate the little spade towards it. It is, however, a proof of trust for the Solana blockchain, whose SOL cryptocurrency is currently the 10th most capitalized crypto asset. But also for USDC, Circle’s stablecoin.

All this shows in any case the growing interest of large companies for the opportunities offered by the Web3. Proof of this enthusiasm, trademark registrations and partnerships are multiplying between “classic” companies and crypto companies.

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Source: ASICS, communicated

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