Aulos-Sinsat. Two customs officers injured after going off the road

Friday, November 11, while a company of customs officers bordering Andorra is carrying out checks upstream of Sinsat, in Haute-Ariège, a vehicle and its two occupants force their way through, refusing to comply with the demands of the forces of the ‘order.

Customs vehicles set off in pursuit of the fugitives. A hunt that did not last long and which will end in the town of Sinsat, around 8:30 p.m.

Taking a small steep path in the town to follow the fugitives, one of the customs vehicles went off the road. A public road accident ultimately harmless: the two customs officers escaped with minor injuries.

No more success for the fugitives, who fell into a nearby stream, who ended up being caught and taken care of by the emergency services, in a state of slight hypothermia. According to the first elements of the investigation, the two accidents would however not have a direct link, the two fugitives having been arrested upstream of the customs officers’ exit from the road.

The two minor injuries were taken into custody. The investigation is ongoing to determine the causes of this refusal to comply.

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