Baby discharged from ER with syrup, dies hours later

On December 7, 2022, Kris Thompson (32) and Iboyla Adam (35), two Britons living in Wigan, take their 22-month-old daughter to the GP, reports. Mirror. Their little Hailey has a runny nose and cough. She is then prescribed antibiotics, which her parents stop giving her when they see she is having an allergic reaction to them. A week later, the child is not feeling any better, so the family returns to the doctor. She would then have been told that the child had a viral infection and that she did not need antibiotics. Instead, he gets Calpol, a syrup containing paracetamol.

The child must be taken to the emergency room

The next day, Hailey seems to be doing better. She runs around the house, eats and drinks normally and goes to bed at her usual time with no problems, around 6:30pm. Except that when Kris Thompson visits her around 23, he finds her breathless. He then immediately calls the emergency services, who inform him that an ambulance will be there soon. Except 20 minutes go by and no one comes. He calls the ambulance service, which says there is a two-hour wait.

The father then decides to take his daughter to the emergency room himself. At the scene, the family would have waited five hours before the child was examined. The doctor takes Hailey’s blood pressure and fails to examine her tonsils. He then allegedly told the parents to go home, make sure the girl remained well hydrated and give her Calpol again. He also advises returning to the emergency room if his condition has not improved after three days.

The girl dies within hours.

Arriving at home, Hailey falls asleep immediately. At noon she wakes up, coughs, has a runny nose and doesn’t behave like she usually does. Around 6:15 p.m., her parents put her back in bed, and Kris notices that she’s breathing again, but less severely than the night before. Less than six hours later, the baby is found in her bed in the exact same position, she is stiff, her skin is very pale and she is unconscious. Kris then begins practicing the CPR moves as she waits for an ambulance to arrive. The medical team takes over and takes the child to the hospital. Hailey dies a little later despite the efforts of nursing staff to revive her.

“We want answers. How can a healthy baby die in her sleep? And why, for example, has she not been tested for strep A, scarlet fever or Covid?”, says Kris Thompson. At the moment, the cause of the child’s death is not yet known, the autopsy cannot be performed until December 28. A hospital spokesman said: “Our heartfelt condolences go out to Hailey’s family at this tragic time. We are aware of the family’s concerns and are currently awaiting additional information to learn more.”

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