Bad news confirmed for Alexis Sanchez

OM: Percussive in Marseille, Alexis Sanchez still had a chance to play the World Cup with Chile. But the Fifa decided otherwise.

OM: FIFA has decided, Alexis Sanchez will not go to the 2022 World Cup

It is through a brief press release that the Fifa put an end to a huge controversy generated following an investigation carried out by the DailyMail. The British newspaper explained that Ecuador, which had won the last direct qualification ticket for the World Cup in Qatar, risks being excluded for having aligned a player in possession of false papers. Because the young defender Bryan Castillo would actually be Colombian, born in 1995. The young player would have himself confessed to having obtained a false passport via an intermediary.

Obtaining false identity being prohibited by FIFA, Ecuador could therefore be contested for the 2022 World Cup. And in the event of disqualification, it is ChileAlexis Sanchez who would be picked up. Author of excellent performances at OM at the start of the season, the Chilean international had a chance to participate in the next World Cup in Qatar. But FIFA quickly cut that possibility short.

After studying the file, the international institution finally agreed with Ecuador. “After analyzing all the documents submitted to the file by the parties and holding a hearing, the Appeals Commission confirmed the decision of the Disciplinary Commission to close the proceedings brought against the FEF (Ecuadorian Federation of football, editor’s note)”, reads the statement published on the official FIFA website.

Ecuador will play well in the World Cup

On the basis of the documents presented to it, the court explains that the player in question, Bryan Castillo, was to be considered “as a holder of Ecuadorian nationality on a permanent basis, pursuant to art. 5 para. 1 of the regulations implementing the FIFA statutes”. Chile’s claim was therefore dismissed by FIFA. However, the Chilean selection could appeal this decision before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Waiting, Alexis Sanchez continues his great adventure in Marseille, where he quickly became the new offensive leader of the Phocaeans. Beaten by Frankfurt (0-1) in the Champions League, OM will host Stade Rennais this Sunday for the 8th day of Ligue 1.

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