Banks and Bitcoin – Ranking January 2023

Here is the latest update of our ranking of banks. This ranking was designed based on the results of a survey aimed at all people who have used their bank account at least once to transfer money to buy or sell bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

2022 results

This first ranking only takes into account entries for the year 2022, i.e. a total of 95 responses. The results are expressed in the form of a “satisfaction rate” (number of positive experiences out of the total mentions). Only banks that received a minimum of 10 reviews were retained.

General classification

This ranking takes into account all participants since the launch of the survey in August 2018, i.e. a total of 2103 responses. Only banks that received a minimum of 25 reviews were retained.

Issues reported in 2022

Inability to make a transfer to an exchange platform 29
Inability to use a credit card to purchase cryptocurrency 20
Hostile attitude, dislike 14
Excessive request for supporting documents 12
Amount limitation 12
Excessive slowness 8
Account closure 8
Cancellation of a credit card transaction after purchasing cryptocurrency 8
Bank account freezing 7
Warning with threat of account closure 7
Signing a release form 5
Inability to make a transfer from a platform to the bank after a sale of cryptocurrency 4
Various 3

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