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The technologies to make us look better are multiplying and becoming more democratic, and technology promises tailored support. But this progress has its limitations and may raise questions.

We can play fortune tellers without getting too wet: to the question “Mirror, oh my beautiful mirror, tell me how to be the most beautiful or the most beautiful?”, we will (very) soon get an almost immediate response. Because the movement is already underway, in the beauty section. Technology is increasingly important, and digitization and technology – augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence – are booming.

On the technology side, darlings are photomodulation with LED, ultrasound, infrared, electrostimulation or even cryotherapy – which is based on cold. Nothing revolutionary, but the offer is always more diversified, sophisticated and precise. The novelty of recent years has been democratization: for a period the privilege of professionals, their use for aesthetic purposes (apart from medical applications) is available in the home, with a whole arsenal – lamps, masks, devices… So that the bathroom does not become a mechanic’s workshop, some appliances combine several options.


On the digitization and technology side, we are witnessing progress, with a common storytelling: you are unique, you deserve support that really suits you, making way for tailored, individualized diagnoses and suggestions – we can already predict the planned obsolescence of the traditional classification of skin (sensitive, dry, combined, oily, mature). Bonus: no need to move, anything can be done

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