Benoît Dauga, former captain of the France team, is dead

French rugby mourns the disappearance of Benoît Dauga who died this Thursday at the age of 80 following a long illness. International 63 times between 1964 and 1972, nine times captain of the XV of France, the Landais had notably won the Grand Slam in 1968, the first in the history of the Blues. Dauga, second or third line, was part with Christian Darrouy and the Boniface brothers (André and Christian) of the great Mons figures who marked the French team. Dauga stood out for his size (1.95 m), but above all for his skill with the ball in his hands. A remnant of his passage through basketball before arriving at rugby.

Benoît Dauga has never strayed from rugby. (MOUNIC/The Team)

In 1975, he was the victim of a serious accident during a match with his club Stade Montois which left him quadriplegic. His career is obviously over, but by dint of will he will still manage to walk again after a long convalescence. Always loyal to the Stade Montois, he was its president between 2003 and 2006.


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