Benzema, the heavy accusations against Deschamps and Griezmann

While the 2022 World Cup sealed the end of Karim Benzema’s adventure with the French team, his return from Euro 2020 has been surrounded by hypocrisy and jealousy from Les Bleu’s managers, according to journalist Romain Molina.

Karim Benzema’s history in the French team has never been a long calm river. And the end of this adventure will be no exception. The Madrilenian’s fifteen-year international career, marked by 97 caps, 37 goals, but also more than five years on the sidelines, will have ended in bitterness. Blame it on the unspoken that surrounded the Ballon d’Or package for the World Cup in Qatar.

Because if Karim Benzema was careful not to give the version of the episode, the journalist Romain Molina abounds in the direction of the Spanish press. According to him, the return of the former Lyonnais was actually accelerated and within the framework of a collective resistance three days before the opening match against Australia, which had no place to be. Above all, the thigh injury was minor and made it possible to return from Madrid to the home ground of the competition.

Deschamps, it wasn’t his first idea to call him back

And as AS assured on Wednesday, Didier Deschamps dismissed the medical staff to tell Karim Benzema the end of his adventure in Qatar. A result that would not have displeased the tricolor coach, who also would not have digested that he had not been quoted by the Merengue in his speech during the Ballon d’Or ceremony. According to Romain Molina, his return to the French team did not please the 1998 world champion. “Deschamps, it was not his first idea to call him back”, he confided in a video dedicated to “KB9”. But the Madrid striker’s sporting performance forced his hand. The Bayonne native would have previously taken the pulse of his leaders – Lloris, Pogba, Griezmann, Giroud… -, “who doesn’t say yes, who doesn’t say no”.

However, the return of Karim Benzema is not necessarily well received by the world champions in 2018. Consequence of the light taken by the player trained at the Olympics. “There is a problem for Griezmann, explained Romain Molina. We put too much emphasis on Karim Benzema. There’s almost a meeting of the Fed’s executive council for pre-euro Twitter visualizations because Mr. Griezmann wasn’t happy: we didn’t see enough of him. You have the impression that footballers today are guys from reality TV. ┬╗

But the Confederation also maintains the problem. She does not hesitate to monitor Blues’ activity very closely on social networks. To the point of asking them during the World Cup not to react to Karim Benzema’s releases…

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