Benzema, the heavy accusations against the Blues dressing room!

Seen from abroad, Karim Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup cannot be explained by the thigh injury he sustained before the start of the World Cup.

Karim Benzema’s adventure in the French team ended in Doha at the Al-Messila hotel, the Blues’ base camp. The failure of the thigh injury, which the tricolor striker suffered three days before entering the operation of Didier Deschamps’s troops against Australia. The coach, who had reiterated that he did not want to take any injured player to Qatar, was inflexible: exit, Karim Benzema.

If the staff of the Blues at the time of the announcement of the withdrawal of the last Ballon d’Or mentioned an unavailability estimated at three weeks, the former Lyonnais finally seemed to be able to be restored to the last stage, or even the third group match against Australia. The Madrid striker, who had given himself a week’s holiday in Reunion to digest the disillusionment, has also resumed training with Real Madrid as the French side prepared to face Poland in the last 16.

For Corriere della Serrathere is no doubt that the thigh injury on the eve of the kick-off of the World Cup is not enough to explain his withdrawal from the entire tournament. “If there’s one man France missed on Sunday afternoon, it’s Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema, and if that man didn’t play in the final, let alone the previous games, it’s not because of this vague thigh injury, but because of the closet. the room was not united at all,” assures the Italian daily, adding: “Benzema left Qatar a few hours after his injury during training, without even trying to recover. He then recovered enough to be able to get on the field in a friendly with Real Madrid, but obviously not to play in the World Cup final with France. »

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