Beware, all Google Chrome users could unwittingly expose their passwords because of this little habit!

According to experts, users of the Google Chrome search engine could unintentionally expose their passwords when using spell checkers. Also according to them, the problem is not exclusive to Chrome, but also affects Microsoft Edge users.

The reason however remains the same, the spell checker and the way you view your password.

Indeed, if you use a spell checker with your keyboard, everything you write is checked for errors or grammatical errors. So everything is sent to Google and Microsoft, provided of course that this optional function is activated.

This poses a risk to your password, with one condition!

Indeed, when you type your password, asterisks appear to preserve its confidentiality. So you only see *********. Under these conditions, your password is completely safe.

But if you “display” your password, it becomes visible for you, but also for your connected device!

Normally, websites include a simple snippet of code to prevent the extraction of this data, as the Sun reports. However, “as Bleeping Computer reports, some big names, including Facebook, seem to have overlooked it. What you need to know is that the problem doesn’t apply to the regular spellcheck, only the enhanced one that needs to be manually enabled, so the vast majority of people should be in security. »

You have been warned!

How do I disable Chrome’s enhanced spell checker?

Type this in your search bar: chrome://settings/languages

Then check this section.


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