BHero, Elrond’s launchpad (MultiversX) arrives on the BNB Chain

From zero to BHero! – The world of blockchain is promising and bubbling. Many applications are born daily with the ambition to revolutionize our way of seeing the world. NFT, metaverse, gaming, sport, health, finance… The projects that are launched, not content with having to develop their technological solution, must also fight to highlight their crypto or NFT project, promote their ideas, attract the community and obtain the financing that will allow them to develop. It is in this task that BHero, launchpad platform on the Elrond blockchain, offers its help to support projects towards their success. Decryption of the concept!

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with BHero.

BHero, the launchpad that propels you into web3

A project accelerator at the service of the community

BHero is a launchpad developed on Elrond, and which already has a strong community gathered around the ecosystem BHAT, its token. It is supported by BH Agents, an NFT collection giving the right to privileges for its holders. But BHero is also and above all a team that wants to promote the development of web3 in its most revolutionary aspects. Indeed, the team connects promising new projects, crypto or NFT, with their future community of users.

For a young team with an innovative project, landing on web3 can sometimes be difficult. Thanks to his expertise, BHero is on a mission to help them successfully immerse themselves in this new ecosystem. Via the press or social networks, the objective is to connect projects with their potential users, and to effectively address their market. Thus, it motivates crypto-enthusiasts, confirmed as beginners, to discover the latest innovations that are emerging within the web3.

Launchpad BHero, e interfacebetween web3 developers and users

BHero, fundamental analysis at the service of web3

The challenge is to build, brick by brick, a long term commitment and a three-way relationship of trust between projects starting their activity, users and BHero. This requires constant interaction between the project team and its community. But also by a communication strategy well established and SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) publication push. All this requires a scholarly expertise that BHero makes available to projects that request it.

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For projects more advanced in their development, BHero has also developed a dedicated audit service, drawn from his own experience. Through the analysis of smart contracts, the roadmap, the value proposition, tokenomics or even social commitment, BHero is able to issue an in-depth analysis of the project. Its experts can thus provide valuable advice on the development strategy put in place and accelerate the integration of projects within the web3 ecosystem.

BHero, launch of blockchain interoperability

BHero is rolling out on the BNB Chain!

Interoperability is probably THE subject of the next few years, and a key element in web3 development. Because through communication between blockchains, it is the fluidity and speed of daily user interactions that are boosted. And simplicity is one of the prerequisites for mainstream adoption. Just as we use our bank card without worrying about moving our money between our bank account and the Visa and Mastercard networks, we will soon be using the blockchain transparently. Without differentiating the Ethereum network from Elrond network. In this sense, BHero is already positioned on the front of the stage with the integration of BNB Chain in its ecosystem. BHero thus becomes cross-chain.

The BHAT ecosystem is therefore ready to welcome a whole range of new communities from neighboring blockchains. And the first of them is the BNB Chain. Firstly because it is compatible with theEthereum VirtualMachine (EVM). Then because the BNB Chain has a strong community and a great growth perspective driven by Binance, the world’s leading exchange. It is also compatible with many wallets including Trustwallet and Metamask.

BHero launches on the BNB Chain!

Like the Elrond community, BNB Chain aficionados will have the opportunity to level up within the platform to benefit from the benefits of the launchpad ticket allocation system. Users will first need to login with their Elrond wallet in order to record their BHAT level. Then they switch to their compatible BNB Chain wallet in order to acquire their tickets, in order to obtain tokens or NFTs from emerging projects. Purchases that will be made via the tokens of the BNB Chain (BUSD, USDT, etc.).

BHero is a real Swiss army knife. Both behind the development teams to help them promote their project and in constant interaction with its community. BHero positions itself asprivileged interface between projects and users. And today this interface becomes multi-blockchain with the integration of the BNB Chain. Simplifying the use of blockchain applications is one of the engines that will pave the way for the democratization of web3 in the world. BHero has understood this, and is now working to spread its expertise and tools to all parts of this growing decentralized web3 ecosystem.

The BNB Chain ecosystem is booming, and BHero is the perfect example! Register on the Binance platform and take advantage of a free academy and a site entirely in French to take your first steps in complete safety (commercial link).

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