Big confusion between Benzema and Blues!

As the French team turn to their final against Argentina, Karim Benzema clearly shows his bitterness. Which will come as no surprise to some.

“It doesn’t interest me.” Karim Benzema has tried to be enigmatic, the message on Instagram has the advantage of being explicit. As debate raged around his presence in Doha on Sunday to support the French team, the Madrilenian put an end to the tension. His deafening silence until the semi-final against Morocco had been a first ambiguous sign, his message makes things clear.

And according to Daniel Riolo, Karim Benzema’s rebellious reaction hides something bigger. “What has happened is too suspicious. Indeed, the Blues in the final, even the Blues world champions, the result will win everything. But what happened must have caused deep bitterness in him. He must be angry. Something wrong happened he confided in RMC’s microphone. Because he could have stayed, even if he didn’t make it through the first two games. But he could be there for Game 3. Of course something happened. And yes, there were three four guys who were not unhappy to see him go. ยป

Zidane involved!

Karim Benzema has moved on, no doubt eager to find the light again with Real Madrid. And the various “stories” posted by the Madrilenian testify to his state of mind:? “You have no chance of reaching me”, “KB’s mind, from bottom to top”. Merengue forwarded another snapshot, posted by one of his relatives. ” We’ve already won… END”, we can read in the caption of a picture where KB9 poses with his Ballon d’Or.

And Karim Benzema wasn’t done. The tricolor striker has actually posted a final photo of the Ballon d’Or ceremony, appearing this time alongside Zinedine Zidane. And there is no doubt that the 98 world champion’s refusal to take part in Sunday’s final is not to displease him…

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